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CHARACTER BASED --> The character that uses the VIP medal gets the days, not the whole account!

VIP Perks
Perks VIP Details Free VIP
XP boost 0 +10%
VIP Spawns [@Reb50+]
AFK Command
!pvp on / !pvp off --> If its off, you cant damage/attack other people, but others can still damage/attack you, if its on, you can damage others. If both players have it off, no one can damage the other
Instant travelling with !tp
!house - This will TP you to your house if you have one. !dhouse -- This will TP you to your Donation house if you have one
!exit - Teleports you to temple if you use it inside your house
Broadcast to server with !yell
Free Addon Doll every 3Days
Lottery bird every 7Days
Exclusive outfit using !vo command
!Aura - Auto heals HP and MP 5%
Mana and HP restore with !heal
Drive a car around with "!car move"
Please note this is not an exhaustive list. Other benefits are sure to follow, but it is also possible that existing ones are changed or even removed in future.