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Amiroslo OTS Rules

  • Rules that are changed will be notified in the changelog.
  • Read the rules carefully so you avoid getting banned.

  • Rules

    1. Names

    a) Offensive Name (insulting, racist, sexually related, drug-related or harassing.)

    b) Name Containing Forbidden Advertising (advertise brands, products or services of third parties...)

    c) Unsuitable Name (that express religious or political views.)

    d) Name Supporting Rule Violation (Including impersonation of any staff)

    2. Statements

    a) Offensive Statement (Insulting, racist, sexually related, drug-related, harassing)

    b) Spamming

    c) Forbidden Advertising

    d) Disclosing Personal Data of Others

    3. Cheating

    a) Bug Abuse

    b) Using Unofficial Software to Play

    c) You are allowed to AFK bot only your LEVELS, not reborns!
    This means, you can not have a way to auto-reborn while being AFK, you need to do it manually. Leveling up with a bot is fine.

    4. Others

    a) Pretending to be staff

    b) Slandering or Agitating against the server

    c) False reports (Intentionally giving wrong or misleading information)