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Server Information
Welcome to our newest player: Roxxy
Highest reborn is: Sanela Nohti with 200 reborns!
We have 1477 accounts in our database, 1847 players, and 9 guilds

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Latest Changelog Updates (Click here to see full changelog)
06 January 2023 (01:39) Everything you need on Discord: https://discord.gg/e3DdRVPC5t
31 December 2022 (02:39) Server Started: 30 - December - 2022
30 September 2023 (22:48) by Owner Amir - Update — 09/15/2023

We will start posting updates here. Previously they were just on Discord!

- Tutorial Island. New players start there to learn the basics of the game and get their first reborn before starting
- 50% XP Boost on Saturday & Sunday!
- You can now upgrade your donation house by adding an extra hunting room full of Super Druids [Check our website shop]! This is account based, meaning only characters on the account you bought have access to it. Others do not!
- 5 New VIP spawns for Elementals
- 12 New VIP spawns in REB 150+
- Better Ad protection
- You can now change 100 Gold Nuggets to 1 Gold Ingot
- Added Premium Token exchanger NPC in quest room. You can still just right click the 100 to convert them. But new players may not be aware of that
- If you have a Donation house, you can now buy another house on top of that! Youre not limited to Donation house
- `!house` now teleports you to your Normal house -- A new command `!dhouse` teleports you to your Donation house if you have one

- New Temple
- Some monsters have faster decay no to avoid lag [Penguin & Body corpses]
- Removed the bigfoot event
- Reborn 65 quest now require 3 people to be present instead of 4
- XP Boost changed from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. Price from 1x to 3x
- Super XP Boost changed from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. Price from 2x to 6x
- Added 4 more Amiroslo's in Reb 65+ Quest
- Removed bankman from donation city
- Temple Scroll will TP you even in a fight, but not if you have a White skull
- XP increase in the below reborn range:
[0] = 7500000x to 10000000x
[1-10] = 5000000x to 7500000x
[11, 49]  = 2500000x to 5000000x 
[100, 149]  = 500000x to 750000x
[150, 200]  = 250000x to 500000x

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed rune boost description to reflect correct prices
- Added text to the blackboard in 150+ reborns
- Fixed a bug where Donation castle TPs sometimes froze the client upon entering
- Added the Citizen outfit to the default outfits
- Ninja can now use Donation Weapon
- Fixed the quest door for Guardian Book & Sword
- Any vocation higher than Ninja can now enter Ninja doors
- Fixed a typo on the wiki